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Vegan Pinto Bean Chili For A Crowd

Vegan Pinto Bean Chili For A Crowd

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With a family of four, all with different dietary requirements, to keep from being a short order cook, I am constantly changing our old family favorite recipes to fit our new needs as a group. My recipe for Pinto Bean Chili has evolved from a recipe for venison chili (from my father-in-law) to a meatless, soy, dairy and wheat free chili. Now, I realize there are about a million and one ways to make chili, so I figured I would make it a million and two. In fact, I have a couple of variations of this one on my site already. I used to make it with soy crumbles and we have now moved into just beans due to everyones' dietary requirements. I have a secret ingredient though and I want to share's pinto beans and lots of them! Yep, I swear, they make the best chili EVER! This recipe comes together so fast and the ingredients are easy to find. Like any chili, it is always better the next day, so we normally have a little on the night it is made, you know, to test it and then eat it the next night for a full blown meal.

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This is definitely one of those recipes that freezes extremely well, so I always make a large batch so we can have quick hot meals anytime.