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The cake

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We prepare the worktop as follows:

Separate the egg whites from the yolks, beat the egg whites, then add the sugar in the rain and mix until the volume doubles, then add the yolks, one by one, the flour oil and baking powder, mix until the composition is homogeneous, put the resulting composition in a tray. and put in the oven for about 30 minutes, check from time to time doing the test with the toothpick.

Meanwhile, prepare the cream.

We put on the fire 250 ml of milk, we add the caramels and we leave them until they dissolve, after which from the rest of the milk and flour we make a mixture that we will put over the boiled milk stirring continuously so that no lumps form, (we don't put butter or margarine because the caramels already have everything they need) take them off the heat and let them cool.

After the top is baked, cut it in half (it didn't grow well for me because I don't have a good oven and I cut it in 2 lengthwise, but if it grows, cut the top in half), after which we will put a layer of nutella, on the first top, which we syrup a little, one of caramel cream, the grapes cut in half and another layer of nutella, over which we put the other syrupy top.

I put colored coconut on top.

5. Cake with walnuts and coffee

As the name implies - nut cake and coffee is a dessert without which a sweat with friends would not be as delicious. We say this because the ingredients that taste like this cake fit so well together that you will almost never resist the temptation to taste another piece. Very simple and relatively quick to prepare, for the cake with walnuts and coffee you will first need to prepare a countertop, which will have to be baked to bake for about 25 minutes, until it gets a coppery appearance and a texture. like meringue. Then, while the countertop is in the oven, you will be able to prepare the cream, in which, among other ingredients, you will add a generous spoonful of coffee to obtain a slightly bitter and intense taste. Learn from HERE how to prepare the cake with walnuts and coffee!

Almond cake: delicious, quick and easy to make rolls!

Most sweet lovers agree with the idea that any cake is better if you add nuts, pistachios, almonds or cashews. If you nod, if you're crazy about baclavale and Turkish desserts in general, you'll love this recipe reinvented by almond cake and thin sheets of pie. It cooks incredibly fast and is edible. just as fast.

I'm watching you & # 8211 Teresa Driscoll

I am keeping my eyes on you is another thriller I read this summer. Yes, I changed the register a little and I preferred to read in this vacation not fantasy books, young adult as I used to in the past but books with more adrenaline.

And, since Herg Benet published a few books in the past few months of the thriller genre that I put on my list, I made the choice that I'm going to talk to you about a little bit today, namely the thriller written by Theresa Driscoll, I am keeping my eyes on youand which I ordered from Libris.

Although it is not a young adult novel, it is still a thriller related to the world of teenagers and debates some issues related to it. It's an interesting thriller but written a little differently, with an ending that surprises you a little.

What is it about I am keeping my eyes on you

Apparently, reading the first chapter of the book you would say that the main character is Ella Longfield, a florist who inadvertently and unknowingly witnesses a kidnapping. Ella catches, on her train journey to London, 2 young boys filtering with two girls who look minor.

Unintentionally, he listens to what they say and finds out that the two boys have just been released from prison. The maternal instinct tells her to warn the girls about the danger they are exposed to only that, when she wants to take action, she notices something that will make her change her mind.

The next morning Ella finds out from the news that Anna Ballard, meaning exactly one of the 2 teenagers on the train disappeared without a trace and goes to the police to say what she knows. From here follows a series of events that turn Ella's life upside down and make her feel guilty even a year after the girl's disappearance, at which point she begins to receive threatening letters.

Although the search was not interrupted, Anna was not found even now, after so long. However, her parents did not give up the search and are still trying to find out what happened to her. But things start to get complicated and the truth only now comes to light, the little innocent lies being discovered.

We will wake up in a web of facts that lead from lie to lie or rather from the discovery of the truth about those around Anna's entourage, a painful truth at times. Her best friend, Sarah, did not tell the truth when she was investigated by the police the night Anna disappeared. And Anna's parents have something to hide. Even in Sarah's family, dubious things happen that can influence the investigation.

Apparently someone knows more about Anna than she says, and maybe everyone else is watching Ella. The kidnapper is closer than we think and you will be surprised at the end to find out what the truth is and who is actually involved in all this tragedy.

My opinion about I am keeping my eyes on you

Unfortunately I can't say that I am keeping my eyes on you is one of the thriller novels that I rated Goodreads or one of my favorites. But it's not a thriller that I'm sorry I read. That's why I gave him only 3 stars on Goodreads.

The action and the way Teresa Driscoll constructs the whole story is interesting, but I didn't resonate with her style. I was really thinking at some point to give up reading it but I gave it a chance because I knew that if Herg Benet translated and published it for us, something must be special.

And yes, it is worth reading for the end, for the intrigue as a whole, because it makes you meditate on many things that have to do with our daily lives, of parents and / or teenagers. Maybe you won't be bothered so much by the author's style and the way it was written: one chapter in the 1st person, another in the 3rd person and so on. Not to mention the multitude of characters. It's like too much for a book with so few pages.

Leaving aside the criticism, criticism that is more of a personal opinion, I recommend you read this thriller even if at first it will seem a little difficult. In the end, you will like it and it will surprise you when you find out what happened to Sarah, where, why and especially who is to blame for her disappearance.

You have read I am keeping my eyes on you? How did you feel? Did you like the author's style?

Oana cake

And the last cake, the recipe I have from my neighbor, is quite easy, although I had some adventures with a sheet :).

It was:
200g flour
50 guntura (or 100g butter)
100g old powder
1 teaspoon ammonia
1 or
1 tablespoon cocoa
2 tablespoons milk

6 egg whites
170g old
1 vanilla sugar
100g flour
150g shit cut into pieces
150g roasted and ground walnuts

6 yolks
150g sugar
1 tablespoon water
250g butter
2 sachets of vanilla sugar

150g household chocolate
50g butter
optional chopped walnuts or pistachios

For the sheets, mix all the ingredients and make 2 sheets that are baked on the bottom of the tray at the right heat. Be sure to use baking paper, I spread them directly on the paper, I sprinkled flour so I could spread them otherwise they would stick. Bake very quickly for about 3-4 minutes. When they turn brown on the edges they are ready.

My cake tray is longer and narrower (40 & # 21527) but I use a regular cake tray from the one with high edges.
For the top, beat the egg whites well, then add the sugar gradually and mix until it melts. We add flour spoon by spoon, stirring over the head, then we do the same with walnuts and at the end we add the shit (cut with a knife passed through the flour).

Bake the top in a tray lined with baking paper for 15 minutes on low heat. We test with the toothpick and if it is ready we take it out and let it cool.

The cream rubs the yolks with the sugar and a tablespoon of water, on a steam bath until it thickens (in the first picture it is on the steam, in the second it is the cooled cream). When it cools, gradually add the butter and vanilla sugar. Mix well.

Put the sheet, cream, top, cream, foil and then the chocolate icing (melt the chocolate together with the butter over low heat or on a steam bath).

Sprinkle with chopped walnuts.

Let it cool from one day to the next and cut with a knife that we keep a little in hot water (so that the icing does not crack when we cut it). Sorry for the last pictures :) I was in a big hurry.

The cake Lumy tried here

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