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Pinterest’s Best Food Valentines

Pinterest’s Best Food Valentines

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We’ve searched Pinterest for the best of food valentines and compiled them here for you

These food valentines range from cupcakes to juice boxes to couple's tea...

Although we love valentines made with doilies, red construction paper, pink glitter, and felt-tipped pens, the valentines we have in mind for this Feb. 14 involve elements a bit tastier than pens and paper. With Pinterest as our source for eye candy, we’ve searched to see what others are cooking and creating for this romantic holiday, and we've selected some photos and ideas that we think deserve a little recognition.

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It should come as no surprise that our favorites include traditional Valentine's Day ideas in an updated form — they've evolved into presents that are oh-so appealing to our eyes and stomach. We love that age-old conversation hearts have become cookies, cupcakes, and fudge. Cake pops, hot cocoa, and other ready-to eat treats also made the list, as well as red and green apples with added heart detail, and savory items like pizza have entered the Valentine's Day arena — these food-loving pinners have done something right this year.

So, from treats that your kids can bring to school to valentines you can dole out to your friends in college to what to make that special someone to eat, these Pinterest food valentines have a little something for everyone.

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