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Strawberry mousse

Strawberry mousse

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Strawberry Mousse Recipe of of 03-04-2014 [Updated on 17-06-2015]

This strawberry mousse you absolutely must try, it is very good, is quick to make and is an alternative to the classic cup with cream and strawberries that I love. Thanks to the beautiful days, my lunches are already turning towards mousse and ice cream of all kinds and in the next few days, I will be happy to share with you what I have experienced. If you want to prepare a dessert on the fly when you have guests for dinner, or if you want to have an afternoon cuddle, if you love strawberries, this strawberry mousse recipe is just for you, a kiss and a good day!


How to make strawberry mousse

Wash the strawberries and remove the stalk, then dry them well and cut them into pieces.

Put the strawberries in a blender with the sugar and blend everything.

Put the cold cream from the fridge in a large bowl and whip it very firm.

Add 2/3 of the strawberry puree obtained to the whipped cream.

Mix with a spoon with a movement that goes from the bottom to the top so as not to disassemble everything.

Take 4 cups, pour the remaining strawberry puree into the bottom of each one.

Cover with the strawberry mousse, then refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Decorate the bowls with strawberry pieces and mint leaves and serve your strawberry mousse.

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